Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Blog and a Cheap, Fast, and Easy Gift

I have to laugh as I type that title.  My mom always said that she wanted to write her own cookbook called Cheap, Fast and Easy as that was her lifestyle as a working mom, a wife and a mother of 3.  One of those three, by the way, is WONDERFUL! The other two, well, they are okay too---I guess! :)

Welcome to my new blog---Chit Chat and Chocolate Bars.  This blog is basically a bunch of ramblings of little ole' me.  I may include gift ideas, recipes, best deals, reviews, and personal opinions of current topics.  Basically, it's going to be my therapy--a way to relax, meet a few "friends" and share my experiences and thoughts.  It's a mommy blog, a family blog, a baking blog---it's just a jumble of goodness, or at least I hope it to be. 

Excuse the look.  It's nothing fancy dancy at the moment.  It's something I may change down the road, but for now, it works for me.  I struggled finding a name, but I think this one suits me.  I think that talking (meeting new people) and chocolate are among my favorite things outside of my family.  

So most of you probably stumbled upon me from that little old teacher blog of mine. I have truly enjoyed my teacher blog and FB page, and now I'm ready to venture out into new interests.  As much as I love my job----my heart still lies with wanting a bakery.  SOMEDAY, maybe, that will happen.  Until then, I can blog about it---which brings me to my cheap, fast and easy gift.

Do you get gifts for your coworkers, neighbors, or friends?  That can all add up.  Mind you, I take after my mom....and I'm a teacher...I'm all about CHEAP, FAST, AND EASY.  

There's something about gift cards....I hate to just give them.  I feel like they are a great idea because they are practical.  The recipient can then go and get what they want and it's a win-win, right?  I don't like gift cards because I feel that they are too impersonal.  So, I like to give a little baked good with it, or a simple gift to unwrap.  I mean who doesn't like to unwrap presents?  Not this girl!

This is my little gift for my coworkers.  Both of my teammates are fresh, out of college MALES.  They are both living on their own for the first time (Away from home--same state, but different towns).  I made them a little Christmas Crunch Munch, wrapped it in a little bag, tucked the bag and gift card inside of a little glass jar and Ta-da!  We're done.  Easy! 

The jars were like $2.50 from Walmart. 
Mine are trimmed in a burgandy, but I saw these on Amazon--they are trimmed in blue.
They would be pretty for a "winter blues" gift/treat.

Then I filled them up with this delicious combo.

Today was the first day I've made this treat, though I've made similar for Halloween.
My niece wanted me to find ways to make it for all holidays, so I did.

Now mind you, there's no right or wrong way to make this mix, but below is my recipe. 
The recipe can be halved/doubled and more goodies can be added in.

DeAnne's Christmas Crunch
4 cups Vanilla Chex cereal
2 cups pretzel twists
1/2 bag of mini M&M baking bits (red and green)
1/2 bag of Reese minis
1 cup mini marshmallows
1/4 to 1/2 bag of Ghiradelli melting wafters

Combine the first 5 ingredients and carefully toss to mix.
 Melt chocolate according to package directions. 
(It usually takes mine about 2 2/12 minutes in the microwave to melt completely.)
Carefully pour over the dry mix and toss to coat.  
The reese's may melt just a tad, but ohh my goodness!!  

Tie it up in a little decorative baggy, add a bow, stick in a basket and you have a quick gift to leave by your door for those that "pop in" too.  Of course, you can always store it in a air tight container and eat it yourself....I won't tell anyone. :)

Here's a picture of the Ghiradelli wafers I referred to in my recipe. 

This price is for a 2 pack which is actually a decent deal---HOWEVER,  I have stocked up on mine from Sam's Club.  They only carry Ghiradelli for the holidays, and I prefer this chocolate over the Candy Quick. It has a much better taste.


  1. Congrats on the new blog!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing and reading about your recipes as I LOVE to bake!!! I have a very bad sweet tooth :)

    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

    1. I have a bad sweet tooth too. I hope to share some simple, kid-friendly recipes as well.

  2. Looking forward to getting to know you in a different way!! Cheers to your new blog!!!

    1. Thanks Jenalyn. I hope that this becomes a great outlet for me. ;)

  3. Looking forward to your new blog. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Cecilia. Merry Christmas to you too.