Monday, December 30, 2013

Baked Potato Chips

So today, after all that baking we did, we tossed some of it out.  I put some in the freezer because sometimes you truly JUST NEED a treat. But why wait until the New Year to start that diet?  I mean really--things are always just put on hold.  Each day is a new day!

Today we tried our hand at making our own Potato Chips for supper.
Potato Chips?  Yes!  Didn't you just say you were starting a diet? Uhm, yes!
Baby steps! ;)   Actually, the potato chips we made were pretty yummy, no preservatives, and less calories than a bag of store bought chips.

The recipe is so simple too.
I like to find things that the kids can help with in the kitchen, and this recipe is just that.

First of all, we used Red Skinned Potatoes and we left the skin on. 
*Note, I'm not allowed to use the Mandolin Slicer anymore.   Hubby says I cut myself with sharp utensils too often!  Fact!* 

 They potatoes were sliced on about a 2 on the mandolin (about 1/8').  
You want them thin, but not see through thin.
Then, we lightly oiled the baking sheet. 
 I suggest using olive oil, it's a healthier choice.  
You could also use whatever oils you have on hand.  
You MAY be able to use parchment paper, but I didn't try that yet.
*Connor just used a brush to brush the oil around on our very loved baking pans that are just perfect for this (not cookies by the way), and yes, he's in jammies! Don't judge!* :)

Place the potatoes in a bowl/dish and lightly coat them with olive oil
 (or whatever oils you are using).

Lay your potatoes in a single layer on your cookie sheet.

And here's the fun part.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.
I like dill, so I sprinkled some dill on my potatoes.
My husband likes hot and spicy, so we sprinkled some ghost pepper salt on his.
The kids just like spices in general.  
 BUT, if you like just Salt...
Let me give you a close up of one of the great things from the pic above:
I was lucky enough to get this at a Kitchen Collection Sample Sale for a fraction of the cost.  It is AWESOME.  I must have it all the time now! 

Put them in your oven (Preheated to 400) and let them back for about 20 minutes or so--just til they are crispy enough.  Place in a basket or dish lined with paper towels to let the excess oil drip off the chips and then serve with your favorite main course.

Mine? A grilled pizza burger. 

**If you are wanting a mandolin, I do like the folding ones as they are easier to store.
Here's a link to one.


Happy *HEALTHIER* Eating!


  1. Wow! Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt. I did not know such a thing existed. Brilliant!! Bet it's impossible to get here in Australia, but I will look! Great blog. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes, that sea salt is AWESOME!

  2. The potato chips look delicious! I have never heard of the black lava salt. Sounds great!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. We had never heard of it either. We were lucky enough to get it for like $2. When I check the stores it's like $15 a bottle...YIKES. I better enjoy it while I have it. ;)