Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Personal Blog Post

For those of you who have found me or follow me through my Teacher blog, and if you have followed for several years,  you may know that I do not live in the best part of town. First, I am not from the town I currently reside, and second, my neighborhood USED to be an elderly neighborhood--but times have changed. We have tried moving on more than one occasion, but with a two teacher salary and a four member household, it wasn't in the cards for us..maybe it's because I believe in taking family vacations..I am sure if I held back from that, we may have been able to save...I do think that those moments and memories are precious and important.  We tried selling our house previously, but then when we had offers, we had no place to move as most apartments wouldn't allow the kids' pets.  

I finally took a leap of faith, and prayed that things would find a way. We looked for homes out of our area and into the country,  but I just couldn't find something that was the right budget that didn't need work...SO  we bought land about two years ago in the country and decided to build within a few years.  I am not sure if this was the best decision of my life, but I told my husband I would know the time was right when I felt it.

I felt it.  I felt like I prayed for so long about things working out for us, that it just so happened that there was a staircase, and I jumped.  Granted, my house hasn't sold, and I'm now in the process of building a new one-but I know that somehow, someway, things will have a way of working out.  God is good...and God knows that this is what my family needs.

I started realizing just how much this was the right decision for my family when my husband and I were at our local auction house.  I got a phone call from my teenage daughter.  She said that the ambulance was at the house next door.  It just so happened to go to that house TWICE the same night--for overdoses.  It came back the next night for the same.

I have had cops on my front porch two times in the past month inquiring about our neighbors.  I have NEVER had cops visit me.  I  see various gentlemen coming in and out of the house of the lady that lives next door.  I hate to assume what is going on in that house, but there is way too much going on that isn't my lifestyle.  Things I don't want to expose to my daughter, and my son.  They deserve a much better outside environment.

You see, a few years ago, I even open enrolled them out of the district that we reside. It happens to be the same district I teach. As much as I love my job, and the kids I work with, I felt I needed something different for my own children.  Not to mention, it is much easier to not have them in the same building that I work, though I do miss them with me.  Having them at their new school, the school district in which we are building our home in, has been one of the best decisions we, as parents, have made for them. I am so thankful that they have made friendships, kept their grades up, and became involved in extra-curriculars.

But now the stressful part, building is not an easy task....and it isn't even the decision making, though that too, has been a pain in the hiney.

It's just that people ask/say/comment "Are you getting....or,,,are you doing this... this would be perfect for...we really like this and it's a great feature."   But all I seem to think is, I am doing good to stay afloat while making two house payments...and while I know they are just being helpful, or just as excited for us, it just makes me feel, well, poor-er....lol

 You see...again, two teacher income...we budget, and we budget tight. I am not into all the fancy dancy features, the hard wood floors, the special lighting, or even pan drawers.  I am pretty much a plain Jane that loves farmhouse decor.....

BUT did you know that even that is EXPENSIVE? I've tried my hand at some few "crafts" to help with my anxiety and stress of building...but then I realized I really am not a crafty gal.  :) 

But when it's all said and done...my new house may not be fancy...but whatever house I am in, it is home.  And I am ever so grateful to the Good Lord above for helping me and answering my prayers. 

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