Thursday, December 1, 2016

Back At It

It has been two years since I have blogged on this little blog of mine.
I can't believe how quickly time has passed.  I was reading through some of the posts I had.
Acts of Kindness at Christmas was my last one.  I still believe in doing those kind acts--no matter the season.  The post before that--losing weight. HA!  Guess what?  I'm still trying to lose it and it still keeps finding me.  In that post, I talked about my 102 year old grandma.  It's sad to say that she passed away this fall.  She was always my cheerleader.  God love her.  And HOW AMAZING is it to live to be 104?

As I continued reading through old blog posts, I realized I sure do bake a lot.
Hence the weight still finding me thing!

Actually, I think that baking is my form of therapy.
I feel at peace in the kitchen.
But my poor neighbors can probably only take so many baked goods in a week, 
so I needed to find another form of therapy.

I have always liked blogging, but theres' something about having the time or the content.
I mean, I lead a pretty boring life.
Teacher by day, mom and wife by night.
I guess that's where the time has gone.

Now that I no longer have my own classroom, as I'm a Title teacher, it has become difficult 
to create material and blog posts.  With three different grade levels and teaching reading and math with 20  minute groups, I'm doing good to stay afloat with materials I have had in years past. So that pushed the teaching blog aside for the past couple years as well.  But I've missed it.  I'm trying to get back to the teaching blog AND I so wanted this to be my other outlet--my form of therapy since it isn't as fattening.
BUT--then I feel guilty when I sit down and take a few minutes.
Unfortunately laundry doesn't do itself.

And back to that weight thing-hubby and I joined a gym about 9 months ago.
Yay?   Honestly, I was apprehensive about going--because you know--Chubby Chick!
But then I realized people really don't care about my size there--they are actually quite helpful.
AND It isn't' so bad really.  I actually have found that I really like lifting weights, but don't tell my husband.
He has become quite used to my complaining about gym time. 
It's just that baking in the kitchen sounds like a MUCH better use of my time.
Nahh, in all reality, I really do like lifting.  
I've been keeping a notebook with our routines and what we lift.
I may have not lost pounds, but my clothes are  loser.  That for me is a win.
PLUS, I am impressed with myself.  Each week I get stronger.
My PR for bench is 160. Not too bad for a chubby chick.
I do about 350 on the sled.
I have definitely come a long way from where I was 9 months ago.
I will take those gains and be proud. 
 **But it's really cool when you see that you're lifting more than the GUY next to you.
--not judging, just saying! :) 

I have also taken up crafting.--kinda.
I  will share some of my projects in my next blog post.
Hopefully it will be within a week--and not two years! :)


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