Saturday, January 4, 2014

Taquitos and Dessert

I'm always looking for new recipes, and recipes where the whole family can get involved.  My family is such a picky bunch that I've thought, if they help make it they will eat it.  I mean they are PICKY!  It's hard to find something that everyone enjoys, and of course I plan the meals, so we HAVE to have something mom likes right? :)
 So..I've stumbled upon several taquito recipes through Pinterest and cookbooks, and they've always sounded good.  HOWEVER, remember my family is a picky bunch!!  Nothing green, no beans, nothing too spicy, nothing to sour... blah blah blah  ---well the list can go on for miles.  So, I had to adapt a few recipes.  This is what we came up with. 

This makes about 6-8 taquitos 
(more or less depending on how full you fill them and how big the tortillas are).

First, using about a pound of lean ground beef (or even opt for turkey burger), brown your meat.
Add your seasonings to your liking.  This part we never measure.  We just grab what we like and throw it in.  I guess this way we never technically have the same meal twice. :)
The steak seasoning was a nice touch.  It had a hint of chilli powder.  We also added a bit of soy.  And yes, that is my black Lava salt...told you..LOVE IT!

 While that's browning, count out your tortillas.  We opted for whole grain.

This part is a simple step for a little helper. After counting out 6-8 tortillas, wrap the stack in a damp paper towel, so that they are covered top to bottom. 
 Place them in a microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Spray a rimmed baking sheet with Pam.  Then using a tortilla, place some shredded cheese in the middle of your tortilla.  We opted for cheddar cheese.  Place your hamburger on top and then roll/fold your tortilla.  Continue until all your tortillas have been assembled.
Spray with Pam again to coat the tops. 
 I also sprinkled a bit of that Texas steak seasoning on top again. 
We convection baked ours for 5 minutes at 400 (or oven bake at 425).
Flip over and return to the oven for another 5-6 minutes.

You can serve with your favorite sauces.  
Taco, Ranch, Ketchup, etc..
I really wanted taco sauce, but I didn't have any on hand-so
we used this.
OH my!!  What a great taste with the taquitos.

The kids wanted to know if I could make them a dessert--WHILE this was baking in the oven.  I thought, really?   You want me to whip something up now--and have it ready to eat with supper?  Apparently they didn't see the difficulty in trying to find something to their liking with what ingredients I had on hand.  SOO, I put myself up for the challenge.

Using the same method as before (damping the paper towel, microwaving the tortilla, spraying pan with Pam) I added bananas, strawberries, and dark chocolate Ghiradelli melting chips and rolled it up, sprayed the top with Pam as well.  I placed it in the oven right along with the taquitos.  Same temperature, same time, same method.

And came out with this.  I drizzled the top with chocolate and powdered sugar--just enough to make it look fancy!!  IT was a hit!  Quick, simple..and somewhat nutritious.  Just what this busy mom/teacher needs!!

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