Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Fun

Since school has been out I haven't been home for more than a day.  We have been on vacation, we've been camping, we've visited family----we've been busy.  Let's talk about camping though.

My family enjoys camping, but I remember when I was a kid, it seemed more relaxing for my parents than it did me.  It seems like when ever my husband and I go to sit down, we have to get back up to "entertain" our kids.  Whatever happened to just riding around the campgrounds and finding new friends---that's what I did! 

So---anyway, this time we did a few activities to prepare for entertaining (yet somewhat relaxing).

First up, we made some kool-aid playdough. 

To save time and space, I had the flour and salt already measured into baggies.  Then the kids were able to add the kool-aid color of their choice, hot water and the oil.   


We made three different colors.  Then after playing with them, they were mushed together and flattened.  We realized we liked that tie-dyed pretty. My phone camera didn't do the colors justice on this:

A few other things we tried this past weekend were the coke and mentos experiement
Extremely blurry picture, but this was so neat!

 and an invisible egg. 
 Luckily my kids know that experiments don't always work.  This experiment will be one to try again.  The egg fell out of the shell, stayed in tact, but didn't quite do what we had hoped it would do. Good lesson to be taught though when doing experiments.  

I will be back tomorrow sharing a few more things we did on our camping trip, and a few of our camping recipes! :)


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